What Chester Bennington’s death means for us

https://www.facebook.com/goalcast/videos/1492084944202024/?hc_ref=ARTHFPtg8EqVFKz33EbnJlMGHrfBVyX4QzJGeb9ph38lLIdIKVCTjcqxvcyJnvki2hc Singapore 24 hour suicide hotline: 1800 221 4444 SAMH Counselling helpline: 1800 283 7019 National Family Service Centre: 1800 838 0100 Pregnancy Crisis Service: 1800 221 4444 Anyone you know who is in danger: Call SPF@999 or SCDF@995 I grew up listening to (some) of Linkin Park. I'm not gonna lie, I didn't listen … Continue reading What Chester Bennington’s death means for us

‘She was radiant’ (TEDTalks)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDVNdPoF9W8 Sometimes you come across really good articles and nice reads online, that makes you reflect back on your own life and relationships. This is one of them. One of the things that stood out for me the most throughout this article is the progress from 'normality' to the battlefield of 'diagnosis' - 'psychosis' - 'recovery' … Continue reading ‘She was radiant’ (TEDTalks)

Japanese PotD: 一期一会

The phrase 一期一会 ichigo ichie loosely translates to "one opportunity, one encounter" or "once-in-a-lifetime". The phrase dates back to the 16th century and is usually associated with the principles of Japanese Zen Buddhism and tea ceremony. In tea ceremony, for instance, it is to remind participants that each meeting is a unique encounter that will never be relived … Continue reading Japanese PotD: 一期一会

Japanese PotD: いただきます

いただきます Itadakimasu!  Think you’ve heard this somewhere before? The phrase loosely translates to “I humbly receive”, and is often said just before a meal. Other similar meanings include “bon appétit”, “let’s eat” or the act of saying grace in certain religions. Personally, while some might find it a cumbersome step that prevents them from digging in, … Continue reading Japanese PotD: いただきます